Natan De Decker

Film Editor


Natan De Decker
Film Editor living in Brussels, Belgium. Adobe enthusiast. Graduated from Manhattan Edit Workshop's Shop Six Week Intensive Course. Skilled on most of non-linear editing softwares, with a strong knowledge of digital video technology, video coding and production workflow.
I grew up watching movies, fascinated by storytellers like Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese who understand perfectly film editing. Its place in the making process makes it, in my opinion, the most fundamental step in every production, whether it is narrative or not.
If the editing tools needed to be learned in the classroom, I've spent half of my time watching movies to master the art of editing, and the other putting shots together, telling stories and giving it clarity on any short film, short documentary or piece of video I was given.
I've been working in post-production in Brussels since my graduation. I learned the art of motion graphics design, 3D animation and visual effects on the job. I try to approach every new gig like it’s the first time I've ever edited anything, as every new video is unique.


I love dedicating my experience, expertise and touch to great films or videos. Here's an overview of a few projects I was involved with. Please keep in mind that although I'd like to showcase everything I do, most of the videos I worked on are protected by copyrights. Passwords are available upon request and more projects are featured on my Portfolio.


Film Editing

Non-linear editing systems are my every-day tools to tell great stories. I love using Adobe Premiere Pro and I have a strong knowledge of Avid and Final Cut Pro as well.

Motion Design

After Effects has been my home for many years now, making vector graphics come to life and creating beautiful titles sequences as well as simpler stuff.

3D Animation

A mandatory complement tool is a 3D software. I took my first steps in Cinema 4D on the job and am still training to become the ultimate badass whatever the software package.


I had to dive into compositing during film school and it has been, since then, a kind of hobby. Compositing softwares are and will always be my focus for the years to come.

Sound Editing

Could you image Star Wars without sounds? No, me neither. There wouldn’t be a great movie without great sound, and sound editing is centric in video post-production.

Color Grading

Enhancing your shots is one of the final steps of making your movie. The color correction process makes flat and desaturated images shot on cameras more attractive.


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