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Natan De Decker

Hi, I'm Natan, a Film Editor from Brussels. Graduated from Manhattan Edit Workshop's Six Week Intensive course. Degrees in Film Editing and in Digital Project Management. Skilled on most non-linear editing softwares, with a strong knowledge of digital video technology.

I grew up watching movies, fascinated by storytellers like Spielberg, Lucas, and Kubrick who understand perfectly film editing. While the tools needed to be learned in the classroom, I spent my free time putting shots together, telling stories, and giving it clarity.

I've been working in post-production and perfecting my craft since 2015. I learned the art of motion design, 3D animation, and compositing on the job. I also worked on feature films; from online editing, color grading, and titles to asset management and final exporting.

Feeling that it was time to look for new challenges, and go back to my first love; films, I established myself as a Freelance Film Editor. I wish to dedicate my creative and technical skills to support stories of filmmakers from around the globe.


I love dedicating my experience, expertise and touch to great films or videos. Here's an overview of a few projects I was involved with. Please keep in mind that although I'd like to showcase everything I do, most of the videos I worked on are protected by copyrights. Passwords are available upon request and more projects are featured on my Adobe Portfolio.


Film Editing

Non-linear editing systems are my every-day tools to tell great stories, regardless of the software package. I love using Adobe Premiere Pro to cut images and sounds together, but I also worked on Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro in the past.


After Effects has been a home for many years now. I had to dive into compositing during film school and it has been, since then, more than a hobby. I did my share of Motion Design, and I always welcome new challenges in digital image manipulation.

Color Grading

The now obligatory step between online editing and finishing. My technical background lead me to oversee the final steps in post-production on two documentary features, plus a bunch of short narratives, all the way to titling and delivering.

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